Frequently asked questions

How can I mount the panels to the wall?

The panels can be attached to the wall in various ways. ​CAUTION: Islamic Gifts NL can not be held liable for damages resulting from improper installation.

  1. Hanging with the magnetic mounting system (advised)
    It is recommended to mount the Islamic Gifts NL panels using the specially developed magnetic suspension system, which can be ordered at additional cost (varying from €5 to €20 depending on the needed number of components). The mounting plate with metal disks is easily attached to the backside of the panel. After mounting the magnets on the wall, the panel can be "clicked" magnetically to the wall. Advantage of this way of mounting is that the panels can easily be mounted elsewhere in the future. Another advantage is that the panel is at a distance of approximately 4 mm from the wall, creating a "floating" effect. This makes the panel more noticeable inside your interior. 

  2. Hanging on nails
    The wall panels can be hung on two nails (or in some cases more). The advantage of this method of fixing is that the panels can easily be hung up elsewhere in the future. The disadvantage is that the nails are visible. This can be minimized however by using small nails. Nails are not suitable for plasterboard or hard concerete walls.

  3. Mounting with aluminum spacers (advised for Premium models)
    The aluminum spacers are used to position the Premium models on the wall. With this type of spacer, the vanes are placed on the side of the plate. The Premium panel is clamped with an internal clamping system. The base of the support is placed against the wall or other surface. Important remark: both the mounting screw (minimum 5 mm) and the wrench (3 mm) are not included

  4. Mounting with double sided adhesive strips (not advised)
    The wall panels can also be attached to the wall by pasting it. The advantage of this method is that the way of attachment is hidden. The disadvantage is that the detachment of the panel from the wall can cause problems, and in the worst case, may cause damage to the wall panel. Also, the application of adhesive strips is not possible in the case of structured wall. Both the wall and panel must be dry, solid, clean, and free of dust and/or grease.
  5. Mounting with (transparent) mounting glue (not advised)
    This is only recommended in cases where nails/screws or adhesive strips are not possible. This is a permanent attachment method whereby in a later stage it is not possible to remove the panel without damage. Again, the wall and panel must both be dry, solid, clean, and free of dust and/or grease.

    WARNING: In case of applying adhesive strips or mounting glue, it is your responsibility to determine whether your wall is suitable for this purpose.

What is the difference between birch plywood and acrylic?

Birch plywood (4 to 6 mm thick): Plywood are plate-like composite materials, which are made up of an odd number of layers of wood veneers which are glued to each other crosswise. Here you also have the choice to let us color the wood in shades of brown, grey or cream. This is a dyeing process in which the wood structure of the wood remains to be seen. The price is slightly lower than the models made of acrylic.

Advantages of birch plywood: lower price than acrylic, classic look with relief and less brittle than acrylic.
Disadvantages of birch plywood: the wood can slightly curve over time, this is especially the case for larger panels.

Acrylic (3 mm thick): Also known as plexiglass, is a type of plastic that is lighter, stronger (30x) and is more durable than regular glass. Acrylic has a luxurious look, there are many possibilities:

  • Black/white: where you can choose between a matte or glossy finish
  • Mirror: reflecting surface, with the choice between anthracite, bronze, gold and silver.
  • Metallic : various shades of gray with a metallic look

Advantages of acrylic: easy to clean with a cloth, chic look, does not curve over time. Disadvantages of acrylic: more expensive than birch and more fragile.

Can my panels get damaged?

Provided that the panels are carefully fixed to the wall (and thus falling is not possible) you do not have to worry about damaging your panel. If your panel falls down as a result of careless assembly, the chances of damage (even though acrylic is 30x stronger than glass) is certainly present. It is your responsibility to fix the panels properly.​

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